Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans's Day

I choose to start my blog today because I think it is important not to forget to Honor our Veterans. From young to old, of many different wars and conflicts they all deserve our thanks and honor. I want to send special thanks and greetings to the Veteran’s in my family: Grandpa Dingdon, former Navy Corpsman and Cinderella, former Army MP.

A little about me. I’m married to Corvette and we have three grown children, Lcpl Honda, Cinderella & Hippie Guy. I will elaborate a little more on our children and their lives in another post. I also have two grandchildren. Butterfly and Lollypop Kid and I love, love, love being Grandma!!! Cinderella lives with her significant other and he is Tango and is the big version of Lollypop Kid. Hippy Guy lives with his significant other Flower Child and they live in Tucson. Lcpl Honda is unattached at the moment and is stationed at Camp Pendleton. I live in Tucson Arizona and I absolutely love it here. Ahh, yes it is a dry heat but I will take that over shoveling snow any day. My sister is Crafty and her husband is Speedracer and are in Arizona also. My nephew is Cpl Red and is currently in the sandbox on his second tour of duty. Oorah! My parents are Grandpa Dingdon and Grandma M and live in Tucson also. Oh and I can’t forget to mention my babies, Buddy my long-haired chihuahua and Angelina (Angie for short) my mutt cat. Oh yes these are their real names. No security or privacy problems here. I have many stories about the escapades of these two so stay tuned.

Corvette and I just purchased a new home that we had built. I can honestly say it was one of the most stressful things we have ever done but the house is beautiful. We are still unpacking and looking for the things we can’t find. Can somebody invent a machine that finds lost items when you move? My new neighbors want to borrow when we are through with it. Case in point. Corvette asked for twist ties.
Me, “Uh, I can’t find them”.
Him, “Oh come on, you have to have twist-ties”.
Me, “Uh, I have some I just can’t find them”
Him, “Ok, just give me the loaf of bread”.
My bread is now twist-tie less. Trust me this phenomenon is not exclusive to twist-ties. It also applies to hair crème, socks and my Buddy’s beloved baby (a gutted porcupine dog toy). Well, more to come on the moving experience.

I am going to close now. Wish me luck on this little blog of mine.
Follow the link in the title for an awesome tribute to our Veterans.

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