Thursday, November 13, 2008

Definition of a Veteran

Crafty brought up this subject. I did not wish our two active duty military members, LCpl Honda and Cpl Red a Happy Veterans Day. I believe Cpl Red can be called a Veteran because he is a Veteran of the Iraq war. Whereas LCpl Honda has not seen combat duty or deployment. I went to Wikipedia and this is what I found:

Singular veteran Plural veterans

veteran (plural veterans)
1. A person with long experience of a particular activity.
2. A person who has served in the armed forces, especially an old soldier who has seen long service

Adjective veteran (comparative more veteran, superlative most veteran)
1. Having had long experience, practice, or service.
2. Of or relating to former members of the military armed forces, especially those who served during wartime.

So I am a little confused. Anybody want to weigh in on this? So if I was wrong let me wish LCpl Honda and Cpl Red a happy belated Veteran's Day and since I started this after the fact let me say I hope they both had a great Marine Corps Birthday which was on November 10th. 233 years and still going strong!

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