Friday, September 25, 2009

Finding the Perfect Website Host

Recently I thought about taking this blog and hosting it on my own site. Since I wanted to do reviews, I found out that I could not do them on my wordpress site since it is against their policies and doing them could result in my blog being deleted. The thought of all that work and effort being lost was not very appealing to me. That is one reason why I moved all of the content here to Blogger.

I did a lot research on the internet about web hosting sites. I found Web Hosting Geeks. They reviewed the top ten web hosting sites. Web Hosting Geeks ranks each site from one to ten. They included features, bonus features, prices and user reviews.

There is also web hosting awards for Best Budget Web Hosting, Best Blog Web Hosting, and Best Email Web Hosting and so on. You can visit Web Hosting Geeks and read the awards for yourself.

I found Web Hosting Geeks very helpful in my search for a web host. It was easier to compare features, prices and I always like to read actual user reviews on any product I plan to purchase.

If you are in need of web hosting you should check out Web Hosting Geeks. They have done all the footwork for you making it easy to find the right web host for your blog or website.

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