Monday, September 21, 2009

The Lone Cucumber

Corvette and I planted a garden this year. We planted a little late and since we live in the Desert Southwest it has been pretty hot. We managed to harvest a few varieties of peppers, cherry tomatoes and radish. We planted cucumbers, bell peppers, snap beans, carrots, spinach and green leaf lettuce, none of which produced. But, now that it is cooling off a bit we seem to have a resurgent in the garden. Yes!

When we planted, I told Corvette that we have to thin things out. But, no he would not let me thin and he would not either. Soooo, we did not get a good harvest. Well I will be taking control next year. Corvette's attitude is to plunge in no matter the cost. Ok, well that did not work out so well.

Currently we have one cucumber growing. As far as Corvette is concerned you would think we are feeding the world with ONE cucumber! Like I said I am taking control.

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