Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review: Why Mineral Makeup is my Choice

Years ago, when mineral makeup first came on the market it was only sold in high-end boutiques and TV shopping channels. It was also priced on the expensive side with a .06 ounce tub going for about $30.00. I did not mind then because I really liked how it evened out my skin and stayed fresh looking all day.
Another reason I liked mineral makeup is that it provided sunscreen protection. With an SPF of 15, it was not necessary to apply a liquid sunscreen. Since I have been using some form of sunscreen for many years, mineral makeup became even more appealing to me.

I was not surprised how popular the mineral powders became. Soon women everywhere were trying them and loving them. They seemed to work on almost all skin types and tones. Even if the shades available did not match someone's skin, exactly women could mix colors to get the right shade for their skin tone.

Mineral makeup has revolutionized the way women apply foundation. Applying mineral makeup is also easier than and not as messy as liquid foundations. Most come in a kit with a brush and women could just tap a little bit of the powder in the lid of the tub and swirl the brush in the minerals then apply to their face in circular motion. Just a few swirls on your face and that was all there was to it. Using a smaller brush women could even use a small amount as a concealer.

Another advantage is mineral makeup looks good on women of all ages. My mother tried mineral makeup when she was in her seventies and she loves it. Now in her eighties she continues to use mineral makeup. Mineral makeup would be the perfect choice for teenagers who are just starting to wear makeup, as it always looks natural. Young girls will not look too overly made up with this type of makeup.

I remember wondering how long it would be for less expensive makeup brands would come out with their own version of mineral makeup. Well it took a few years but now you can walk into any discount department store or pharmacy store and find mineral makeup in almost all of the popular less expensive makeup brands.

Now more than ever is a great time to try mineral makeup. Affordability is no longer an issue. All women can now enjoy these powders. The choice of brands is almost limitless. Most are talc free and women can choose between a matte look and a more luminous look. Also quite a few companies are more than willing to give out free samples so women can try several brands before making a choice. If you need more information on mineral makeup this website, Mineral Makeup Reviews, provides reviews, links to some mineral makeup companies, and even has a section on bargain mineral makeup.
I have enjoyed mineral makeup since first discovering it. If you decide to try it, you probably will too.

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