Friday, November 6, 2009

Feeding my Reality Show Addiction

Did I mention I like reality TV? It is my favorite form of mindless TV. You have to wonder why it is so popular. My take is that people’s lives are so complicated these days that watching a reality program may help take some people’s minds off the their own daily lives. I am very sure many people had to give up paying for TV because of losing jobs.

I recently had to give up my Netflix in order to same some money. However, to my delight I have discovered I can Watch TV Online legally! Since Corvette can watch the same movie repeatedly, I tend to get very bored sometimes. I also fall asleep pretty early and then I miss many programs I like to watch.

Now I can watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta anytime I want. Hey, maybe I can get rid of my expensive satellite TV. Although I do not think Corvette would be too happy about that. Since he only watches about 10 channels maybe he will not notice. Nah, I do not think so!

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