Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightening

I had an interesting day yesterday. It started out with a monster storm that contained almost hurricane force winds and torrential rain. When I woke up the wind was howling and leaves, tree branches and lord knows what else was flying everywhere. My dog buddy did not want to go outside and promptly peed on a rug in my bedroom. My big, red dog Lucie went outside, raced around in the mud, and of course tracked it back in the house. Nice.

I left to go to work and had to dislodge tumbleweed from underneath my car. As I was driving to work in the pouring rain, I barely missed hitting a downed tree. When I arrived at work apparently said tree had encounters with several other co-workers of mine. Thank goodness, it was early and there was not many people on the road as we all had to serve to miss the tree. We all concluded that after missing the tree there was no need for coffee as we were more than awake at that point.

When I left to go home I discovered my car had been hit with mud rain. What is mud rain? Well this is something new to me, but all I can say is my car looked like it had not seen a car wash in years and I actually had to turn on the window washer in order to see out.

Driving home, I ran over numerous palm tree branches and other debris. When I finally arrived home, the tumbleweed was still in my driveway. Now you would think with almost 70mph winds that tumbleweed would have left. Nope. Still there.

Once at home I cleaned the sticks, leaves and dirt off my back porch and tried to keep Lucie out of the mud. I thought about washing the car but decided to wait a couple of days. Another storm has been forecasted for this weekend. Maybe I will get lucky and this storm will contain clean rain. One can only hope.

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