Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still Hanging Out

Well it looks like I will still be hanging out here for awhile. I have to wait for Social Spark to change my url before I can write sponsored posts where I moved my blog. I will have to continue to post them here until that happens. I think their customer service department must be bogged down with the holidays barely over and such.

So if you want to read my product reviews continue to stop by and I will post when I finally get completely moved. I also will put the redirect back on so it will go there automatically. Also will my followers please follow me at the new juliannah by design. I would really appreciate it. I also need the traffic as my stats really took a hit once I moved. Of course I knew that would happen, but it is still disappointing. That is my priority in the next few weeks. I am also trying to work on Tweeting more and receiving more income from that avenue. Please come follow me on twitter too. You can find me as @juliannahaz. I will be breaking 300 followers anytime. Follow me and I will follow you.

Well, I am off to Social Spark to pick up a new Opp. Thanks for bearing with me during this move. Overall it will be for the better and I am enjoying working on my new blog.

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