Sunday, December 7, 2008

2020 Olympics - Maybe Not But...

Well we went to see Butterfly perform in her gymnastic event. Overall I was impressed by all these kids running, jumping, tumbling and just having a good time. Some were better than others but what stood out was each and every one of them were having a great time! The coaches made sure each child was a star and I do believe the kids for few moments felt they were.

Yes, there were some stage parents around ie: one woman pulling down her daughter's skirt while the kid was warming up in favor of the kid wearing shorts instead. huh? The same parent telling her other kids to:
Mom: be back in 10 minutes (they wanted to play in the jumping castle outside)
Kid: how will we know when 10 minutes are up?
Mom: just figure it out!
Kids: looking perplexed...
Mom: I'll send your uncle out to get you

I think I will just leave this one alone, but I will say I think Mom maybe could have benefited from some gymnastic exercises too.

It was hard to get close but I did get a few good pics.

This is Butterfly before starting on the bar.

This is Butterfly on the bar.

This is Butterfly receiving her trophy and t-shirt on the podium

This is Butterfly with her trophy. You go girl!!!!!

Of course we can't forget Lollypop Kid. He is enjoying his cheez-its after attending the event. I think he gave is Dad, Tango the best workout of all! He even helped me take a few pics.

Just let me say that I am pleased to see my Butterfly spread her wings. Her road has been tough and we are fortunate to have her here. I will elaborate sometime soon.

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