Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday Food - Onion Blossoms?

Ok, so my friend L at work was talking to me about going out to eat at Texas Roadhouse the other day. Of course my interest peaked because I thought another copycat recipe! She said they ordered Onion Blossoms. I thought what the heck is that? So of course I have the trusty Google ready and waiting. I came across a couple of recipes and since my curiosity got the better of me I had to try one. One is fried and one is baked. For the sake of healthy eating I tried the baked one. Now it was ok except I only had a red onion and a yellow onion. So I figured what the heck. The purple one sort of turned out like the pic above and the yellow one just sort of sat there refusing to open and they also weren't exactly as breaded as much as I would have liked. I can say both were flavorful, but a little hot to the taste. Corvette liked them but went looking for the Zantac right away. hmm...

The baked one is here. The fried one is here. I am not sure if I should even try the fried one. If anyone has tried it please let me know. I wanted to serve one as an appetizer at ThanksChristmas but I don't want a houseful of heartburn casualties.

Anyway, I am off to see Butterfly perform in her first gymnastic expedition. Can you say Nastia Liukin or Shawn Johnson? Summer Games 2020? You never know... I will post on that later.

Also, I know I missed last Friday but I figured everyone probably had enough leftovers and did not even need a new recipe.

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