Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It is Too Darn Hot!

Last night I was sitting watching the weather on the news. They said the weather would cool off to 88 degrees. I am sure a lot of you are laughing at that, but considering it was, right around 101 degrees yesterday it will be a nice change.

There is not really a fall season here in the desert southwest. Usually it goes from freakin' hot to sort of hot. That being said we do get some nice days in the so-called fall and spring and sometimes it actually gets cold enough for freeze warnings and then if we are lucky it snows every now and then. Now I am sure not anyone reading this in Minnesota agrees with the "lucky" part, but snow is a novelty here.

Lately I have been wishing I lived somewhere cooler. A place with grass and trees without stickers on the branches would be nice. Of course, it would have to be free of biting insects, high humidity, and smog. Therefore, I guess that rules out Florida, Louisiana, and California. I would not want to live in a big city like New York or Chicago. Sometimes I would like to live on a farm in the Midwest or a cabin in the mountains, but there is snow.
                                                                                  Lots of snow.

No extreme cold just might be worse than extreme heat.

Well this is just a thought. I do not think I am going anywhere soon. But I can dream. Maybe I will win the lottery or inherit a large amount of money from a rich relative (of which I do not have). As I said, I can dream. If you love where you live, please tell me. I would like to hear about it.

As for now I guess I will just settle with heat and blinding sunshine.

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