Monday, December 29, 2008

Let's get Shredding!!

I am a bit of a talk radio junkie so when I heard the topic of a show I listen to was Shredding the things you don't like in you life I started to listen more intently. The idea is to make a list and put it in the shredder. Sort of like making a resolution but mostly like dumping things you don't like. I like this idea better. I was never to good at the resolution thing anyway. So here is my list. You are welcome to use the shredder too if you like.

Bailouts and corruption
Hot flashes (sorry but they do blow)
Loud people
Stupid drivers
The IT guy at work
The sink hole in my front yard
Messy people
My cat's back claws
The webex meeting at work
Hot flashes (these are going through twice)
Ignorant, arrogant & nasty people

Hmm, lots of people on this list. I digress. I believe I could easily live in a world of animals.
Now on the the new year!



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