Friday, December 19, 2008

Waiting for the Explosion

LCpl Honda returned home for the holidays last night. I sometimes wonder if he really is a Marine or is just pulling the wool over our eyes. I do believe that they are taught in boot camp to be meticulous about themselves and their belongings.

Last time he was here I would find dishes left around, lights left on and of course the strange phenomenon of the exploding sea bag. I wonder if anyone else experiences this? It all started when he returned home from boot camp.I remember walking in the bedroom and being dumbfounded at the sight. First, how do they get all the stuff in one bag? Second, what is all that stuff? I know he left with nothing much but the clothes on his back. When did he have time to accumulate all of it? As I surveyed the mountain of pens, toothpaste, little tie things etc. I had a horrifying thought. What if he left it here? Well thankfully he did not. When I took him to the airport after his leave was up, he did indeed take everything with him. In fact he ran into another Marine who had been to boot camp with him and the guy remarked about all the bags he was returning with. hmmm. Also when he was at home for Thanksgiving he tried to blame these things on the buddy he brought home. hmm...hmm

Well I woke up in the middle of the night and found the Christmas tree lights on, TV on and a lamp on. I fear it has started again. Didn't look in his room for the sea bag, but i have a feeling it's there. Waiting.

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