Friday, October 30, 2009

Healthful Halloween

It is almost Halloween and I am sure everyone is gearing up for the big night. I remember when my kids were little and they would go out and collect more candy then they needed in a year. They would come home and after inspecting the loot my next move would be to try and get control of the candy intake. I am sure most moms can relate to this. I could not just let them haul the candy bag off to their bedrooms. Oh no. This would surely result in stomach aches, candy wrapper trash everywhere but the worst would be the sugar high. All parents have experienced the horror of kids on sugar. So, needless to say I would fight to the end to gain control of the candy bag. This way I could limit the amount of candy they could eat at any given time. This would avoid the sugar high and all that comes along with eating too much sugar. For example, kids bouncing off the walls, kids screaming uncontrollably and the worst, kids that will not go to sleep.

I have given this much thought over the years and after giving out raisin packs, carrot sticks and other dried fruit, much to the dismay of trick or treaters, I decided to look into something healthful but a bit more appetizing. So I found a website that not only appeals to the little ghost and goblins, but meet my requirements for a healthful treat. I found Trick or Treat Me blog and they offer Hershey’s and Organic Valley Chocolate Milk in shelf-stable cartons. Most kids love chocolate milk! The chocolate milk comes in recyclable cartons and the Trick or Treat me offers some great information about milk and how it aids in recovery after exercise.

So this year I will be handing out these chocolate milk boxes along with a little bit of candy in hopes that I will not only make the kids happy but contribute to their overall health. I wish I had known about Hershey's and Organic Valley's Chocolate Milk in recyclable cartons before.

They even offer coupons toward the purchase price, so everybody wins. Check it out because after Halloween is over the chocolate milk is still a great afternoon snack or a before bedtime treat.


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