Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Heatwave or Snowstorm?

I know I have talked about the weather here in the Desert Southwest a time or two. Last week we were still hovering around the ninety’s. Nothing new for October since we only have two seasons here. Ungodly hot and normal hot. Ninety degree temperatures in October are not unusual.

Normally it cools down a little around Halloween just in time for parents to start looking for jackets so the little ghost and goblins will be warm for a night of treats. I remember my kids would want to pick a costume like a fairy princess or some other outfit that I knew they would end up getting cold by wearing.

So I turned on the news last night and wouldn't you know it. The weather person says there is a cold front coming. Now we are not talking any cold front. Oh no. We are talking near freezing temperatures by Wednesday morning with a high somewhere in the fifties and a possibility of mountain snow. The high temperature for today is supposed to be 86 degrees. I am wondering does this happen anywhere else in the country? Then on Halloween the temperature should be back up to seventy degrees.

So, today is shorts tomorrow may be heavy sweaters and back to shorts by the weekend.

Ahh, so is life in the Desert Southwest.

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