Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Attention: Marines will be closed for Superbowl

My son called a few days ago and said he would be coming home this weekend. He doesn't usually come home for the weekend as it is an eight hour drive from his base to our house. But this is a special weekend because Sunday is Superbowl and apparently some of those Marines like to party a little bit. Oh my gosh! Tell me it is not true! Ah, seriously, my son says the Marines know that the boys and girls won't be worth anything so they are giving them Monday off. Why can't my employer think like that?

Now, next weekend happens to be when I will be playing the 50 year old bridesmaid so I decided that I needed take Monday off too! And not because I will have a hangover either. Just want to be able to see LCpl Honda for more than a few hours.

So all you terrorists, dictators or any crazy world leaders out there please don't start any crap this weekend because the Marines will have left the building.

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