Thursday, January 1, 2009

I know I am a little late with the Christmas pictures but better late than never.

Butterfly, the next Hannah Montana

Lolly Pop Kid & Tango opening the Cookie Monster Legos

Hippie Guy & Flower Child opening the 60's & 70's album collection from me and Corvette
(they were born a generation or so too late)

These paintings were done by Grandma M and given to me when Cinderella and LCpl Honda were small. I originally thought it was them, but I know now that they are Butterfly and Lolly Pop kid. Eventually I will explain why my first grandchild is called Butterfly here. As you can see there are butterflies in each painting.

Corvette & LCpl Honda opening medals and info on Corvette's dad who served in World War II and who is no longer with us. RIP Corvette Sr.

When all is done, play with a box.

Hey guys I just want to come outside!

Chocolates galore!

Cpl Red. Miss you but still thinking about you!
(Too many dinner rolls left over when you are not here)

Merry Christmas Buddy!

Merry Christmas Angelina!

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!


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