Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day, Superbowl and "bag clips"

I just finished watching Barack Obama become our 44th President, along with about 15 or so co-workers in our breakroom. We were told we were not allowed to watch on our computers because even though America is a democracy, I work under a dictatorship. Now I understand that people can't just be surfing, Myspacing, emailing, blogging (oops) all day long but this was history so I have been peeping at the events all day. (take that IT guy)

I really thought I would feel more emotion about this. But for some reason I don't. I was really proud to be able to witness this event in my lifetime, but I think I felt more emotion on election night. Maybe it was because Obama did not come out and WoW with his speech like he usually does. I remember his speech at the 2004 Democratic convention as being way more charismatic. I thought to my self, "Who is this guy?"

Maybe he was just nervous and realizing what a incredibly daunting job that lies ahead. Anyway I do wish President Obama the very best in the coming days and years.

On another note, I ran across this article on Military.com by Michele Obama. She talks about she and her husband's commitment to the military and their families. Please take time to read it. It made me feel good because hey, my son & nephew have a new boss.

Ok, on the Superbowl. How about those Cardinals!!!. I live in Arizona so all I can say is:

"We are going to the Superbowl baby!"

Even though I not a real big football fan, it is my home state so I have to get excited about that. My sons who are football freaks are now besides themselves. Especially since Hippie Guy was a diehard Green Bay Packers fan and was devastated when Brett Farve jumped ship. But anyway let the wooting begin.

Now on to the "bag clips". After almost two months of living in our new home Corvette and I are proud to announce the addition of window shades. Yes the windows have been naked the entire time because we just couldn't seem to find the time to put something up. And no we did not go around flashing our neighbors. The houses are built so you can not see inside your neighbors windows. We also have four small, high windows and to see in you would have to have a 12ft ladder. We were going to leave these uncovered but after waking up on the weekends and practically being blinded by the sun I decided it would be better to cover them too. Anyway after going back and forth we decided to "copy" our neighbors and go with pleated blinds. They were inexpensive, easy to hang and I really love the look. One problem, though they are made of paper and my cat has figured this out sooo since she stays in the front bedroom when we are gone I think we may have to settle for curtains in there. Cats may have nine lives but if Corvette gets home before me to find shredded shades it won't be pretty. The only thing I dislike about the shades is they came with these little clips that look just like bag clips. No kidding. They are used to hold the shades open. We laughed about the bag clip thing all morning. I finally said that maybe I will go to Michaels and find something cute or cool to glue on them. Or maybe I will have to just see if I can find a fancier clip. Besides I need more bag clips anyway!

Here is a picture of the shades. This isn't my kitchen, but you can get the picture. We are going to put valances on them for some color.


Blogger Tami said...

Your weather sounds perfect. Congrats on getting the Cards to the superbowl and thank you for the warm comments on my blog.


January 20, 2009 at 2:54 PM  

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