Monday, March 16, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo Zippty Doo

We met my daughter Cinderella and the kids at a halfway point between our cities. We took the kids into Wendy's along with Cinderella and attempted to distract Lolly. Well there was no fooling him. His little eagle eye did not leave mommy once. She finally saw her break but of course Lolly caught on real fast and broke into a constant chorus of "Mommieeee!, MommiEEEE!!, MomMIEEEE!!!, MOMMIEEEEE!!!". Well after plenty of stares from the other restaurant patrons I decided to take him outside while Corvette and Butterfly packed up the food. He settled down and thank goodness for a couple of kids walking their dog. As we waited for his Sissy and Corvette, Lolly was happy to watch the dog and say, "Doggie, Doggie, Doggie."

The trip home was calm with Corvette entertaining the kids while singing, Who Let the Dogs Out, Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh. I know, but the kids love it. Drives me a little nutty after about the 15th time but oh well. We also had a lesson on compound words and a little math thrown in for good measure. After we got home we finished eating (at least they did, I finished after they fell asleep). I then gave the kids a bath and they sat down and watched the movie Enemy Mine. Much to my surprise Lolly was transfixed on the movie and especially the Drac character. My 20 month old kids never watched movies.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast. Lolly was still a little standoffish with me sooo I handed the diaper to Corvette and was met with an icy stare. "What?" I said. "He likes you more, remember?" Well all I can say is the operation did not exactly go off without a hitch. I had to step in and show Corvette how to peel back the tabs. I guess it has been a little too long for him.

We arrived at the zoo later and it seemed that everyone in my town decided to go to the zoo. We drove around and could not find a close place to park. We could not bring Lolly's stroller because it wouldn't fit in my car. I have a VW Bug. Good on gas but not so spacious. We finally made it to the front gate and I was so praying for rentable strollers. The diaper bag was already making my shoulder hurt and there was no way I was going to carry Lolly! I was starting to worry as we walked in and all I saw were people with their own strollers. Just has me heart sank. Thank you sweet Lord, we found the rental strollers!

We had a nice day and Butterfly and Lolly enjoyed looking at the animals. Lolly tried to touch a peacock but I just had to nip that in the bud. After the zoo we went to the park and had a picnic. All was going well there until our neighbors put up a jumping castle. Lolly immediately stood up and kept trying to make his way to the castle. Lunch was officially now over for Lolly anyway.

The weather started turning bad with rain on the way so we decided to go home. Lolly fell asleep on the way home and Butterfly, Corvette and I just watched movies the rest of the day. The kids and I had our version of 'Dancing with the Stars' later that night and I did get one waltz out of Lolly. Butterfly always dances with me and she is really getting pretty good. I always danced with my kids and I am keeping up this little tradition.

The next day we visited Grandma M & Grandpa DingDon for awhile. The kids indugled on grapes and took quite a few runs around the Cul-de-sac before heading up the road to meet Mommie & Daddie. Both kids where happy to see them and after kisses and hugs we where on our way back home. Once home Corvette remarked, "It's really quiet." "Yes." I said. "I miss them." he said. "Yes." I said. "I'm really tired." he said. "Me too." I replied as I went to soak my aching back in the shower.

Here is a few pictures from our weekend.

There is nothing better than a marshmello bunny.

Butterfly kickin' back

Riding the elephant!

The cow is getting me wet!

Time out.

I think I had enough fun today!

Butterfly on a rock.

It's train riding time!

Ducks and more ducks!

It's Dancing With the Stars!

I taught her well!

Time to go home. Everybody in.


Blogger AirmanMom said...

Thank you for sharing what must have been an amazing day! I know what you's great when they visit, but pass the Tylenol when they go home!
Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your precious ones!

March 16, 2009 at 6:12 PM  

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