Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fingernails and Broccoli Salad: My Youngest Son's Wedding

My baby got married on Saturday, February 21st, 2009. It was a small intimate affair with just family and a few close friends. It was at the home of the bride's (Flower Child) mother E and stepfather J. Their house is in a rural area in the desert southwest and truly was the perfect setting. The bride's stepfather is an ordained minister who officiated the ceremony and the bride's mother served as her matron of honor. The groom's older brother, LCpl Honda served as best man.

We all arrived caravan style at the home of the bride's mother E. Me and Corvette, LCpl Honda, Cinderella, Tango, Butterfly, LollyPop Kid, Grandma M and Grandpa Dingdon. We met E and J and they made us feel so comfortable. The house was decorated in pink and white rose petals and there was a beautiful altar in the Arizona room complete with candles and flowers.

Soon Corvette and I were seated in the front row with Grandma and Grandpa behind us followed by Cinderella and Tango. Hippy Guy's (the Groom) best friends from childhood and Butterfly filled in the other side.

The music started and we all waited in anticipation of the arrival of the bride. She soon emerged on the arm of her stepfather aka minister (dual role) and I could see the emotion on her face. I turned to look at my son and I saw the happiness in his eyes. The ceremony began and I had worried that would be a blubbering ninny but to my surprise, oh yes there were tears rolling out of both me and Corvette!

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, especially their personal vows. My son was so eloquent and my daughter-in-law was so incredible and funny. My heart took a picture!

After the ceremony we all hugged and just felt the love. The reception was fun. We danced and ate and drank a bit. I watched my son and his bride dance. We even had a Conga line led by Butterfly and with the big, bad Marine bringing up the rear! I saw Tango and Cinderella dancing a bit and I know I want to see more of that! LollyPop kid gorged on baby carrots. Hippie Guy's best friends from childhood told so many jokes that we were all in stitches. When the bride and groom were feeding each other cake, the bride's fingernail came off in the groom's mouth! It was so funny and yes we have pictures!

You are probably wondering what broccoli salad has to do with anything. Well, I was supposed to bring it to the wedding and guess what? Yep, I forgot it at my house. But, I do digress, there was a lot of people at my house and hey at least it wasn't the rings!

I feel very blessed. My baby got married. God bless you Hippie Guy and Flower Child!


The morning of the wedding. Time to say, "See you soon my love!"
Ok. Yes this is my Marine. The night before dancing the Jig. OMG there is video too!
The great tie dilema. Thank God Tango finally saved the day!
Grandma M helping Big B with his shirt.
LollyPop Kid was done before we even started!
Grandma M, Butterfly & Grandpa DingDon
Grandpa DingDon & Butterfly
Me & Butterfly
The alter at the wedding site
Can you believe there is a spa behind that? Beautiful setting.
A view from behind, Grandma M, Grandpa DingDon, Cinderella & Tango
The paparazzi aka Hippie's best friends from childhood and Butterfly.

Waiting for the Bride. My Boys, Hippie Guy and his best man LCpl Honda

Ahh, the Bride and her stepfather also known as the Minister!
Let the Wedding Begin!
Reciting his vows. So eloquent! My son is a poet and I didn't know it!

Reciting her vows. So beautiful and funny! I have a new daughter!

More vows and exchanging of the rings.

Lighting the Unity Candle.

You may kiss the Bride!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Hippie Guy!

The toast.

The Cake.

Oops, honey there is a fingernail in my mouth!

The Dance.

Let me just say that my son's wedding was a wonderful, intimate affair. Everyone was so happy and we all had a great time. This was a very special day for Corvette and I.

Our hearts took many pictures.

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Blogger Tami said...

Looks like it was a beautiful ceremony. Congrats to the new couple.


February 26, 2009 at 12:03 PM  

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