Friday, February 27, 2009

Upset Co-Workers, Leaf Blowers and One Rude Dude

I woke up this morning in a really good mood. After all, it's Friday and payday. I worked over during the week so I could get off of work early and was looking forward to alone time at home with the last season of Six Feet Under.

Everything was going just fine except my cubicle neighbor was having a bad day with some extreme personal problems. She spent most of the morning receiving phone calls and crying.

After a bit I hear her say, "Oh no!"
So I say, "What's wrong?"

She had just entered some information incorrectly. Ok, no big deal I tell her it can be fixed and I proceed to tell her how to fix it. I guess she did not understand in her upset state because pretty soon she gets up and I can hear her talking to some other people about it and by now she is pretty hysterical. Of course they tell her it is ok but proceed to try and tell her to fix it in the most difficult way possible. This always happens and makes my head blow off.

She comes back and I roll over and sit with her until it is all fixed. No harm no foul. BUT, she is now worried that our supervisor is mad at her for making the mistake (can you say insecurity?). I reassure her that everything is fine and the mistakes are corrected. I should have been a phyciatrist.

After all this I decide to go take a break. I go outside and there is man with a leaf blower. I hear him coming closer and closer but don't think much of it. Closer and louder and Whoa, he nails me with the leaf blower. I just can't believe this just happen!!
Of course he apologizes profusely and thank God there wasn't a whole lot of dirt on the walkway but I was beginning to wonder about my nice Friday.

Ok, next up I go up to my floor and since we have security cards to get in the door we are not allowed to "tailgate" anybody going in the door. We can hold the door for people but we all have to hold the cards to the device and "beep" in. So I am almost right behind him and he turns and looks at me but does he hold the door? Hell no. Another girl who was about to leave just looked at him and shook her head. Now outside of his obvious lack of manners is his skill of sleeping almost all day at work! I think he is only about 20 or so but that is no excuse for no manners and job sleeping.

I think on Monday I need to put a plan into action. Chair bumping (oh excuse me!), balled-up post-it note throwing (who did that?), and a speech, "When you meet a lady at the door...".

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