Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Writing Abound!

Well it seems my new found writing career so to speak is starting to go in new directions. I ran across this website the other day and decided to sign up and give it a try. You can actually make money writing for Helium. You make money by people reading your articles and ad companies placing ads on your articles. There are also set rate articles that you can write and if your are lucky and get your article picked you get that rate. Some are as high as $133.00 per article. One retired school teacher has made $5,000 in just six months by writing an hour a day. I don't expect that to happen to me but any extra income will be welcome. There are many different categories and under each category are many titles. So you don't just make up your article you write under an all ready existing title. But you can submit title ideas and if the title is used you get a cut out of that too.

So wish me luck in this new endeavor.

LAW emailed my today and asked me to write an article for Parents Zone about my daughter and what it was like for her to be in the military. She let me know that this is Women in the Military Month. It just so happens that I wrote an essay about this when Cinderella was in the Army and I was in school. So hopefully I can find it and that will be on Parents Zone soon.

So much writing - so little time!

Congratulation to all of our women in the military and vets! Thank you!

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Blogger Tami said...

I can not wait to read your story on Parent Zone. I look forward to their updates.
Have a great day,


March 5, 2009 at 8:19 AM  

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