Friday, February 6, 2009

One Crappy Week

I am going to take a minute to vent and wallow in some self-pity. I am not normally that kind of person but I have a good excuse which I will elaborate on in a minute. Several things happened this week that just totally sucked.

1. We lost the Superbowl. It was so exciting to have our Cardinals even make it there. The game itself was very exciting and I really thought we had a chance. Right up to the end when Pittsburgh scored the final touchdown. I must say that I thought the Cardinals played an excellent game. They gave Pittsburgh a run for their money and should be proud.

2. Overtime was cut at work. I was expecting this but it is going to hurt a little. On the other hand I am glad I still have a job. But now it is probably back to clipping coupons, unplugging everything in my house and possibly canceling Netflicks. I am so going to miss Six Feet Under and all my other HBO favorites.

3. My cat Angelina threw up on my tile and now the grout is stained. Wonderful.

4. Work called another meeting to tell us that if we even go over a 10th of an hour we will be in trouble. TROUBLE WTF. And it doesn't matter that our time clock has mind of it's own and sometimes it either taketh away or giveth away. And to top that off we are now getting swipe cards to get in the door which is good for security but they plan to monitor how many times we go out and in. You see the restrooms are in the lobby so we have to go out and in. There is probably 50 people in my office so there is a lot of traffic. Next up will probably be limited restroom use and fifty lashes.

5. The next thing deals with a female problem so if there is any guys out there just look away if need be. I am in the throes of menopause. This is the excuse for my bit-o-self pity. My symptoms are pretty severe at this time and I going to start treating that soon. I think the worst is lack of sleep due to sweating all night. So Thursday morning at 4am my cat started meowing. I was in one of my rare 15 minutes of sleep when Corvette decides to wake me up and ask me what he should do. What he should do? Nothing I said. But what if she pees in here? he says. THERE IS A CAT BOX!!!!! Hope the neighbors didn't hear me. I digress, unfortunately I have a very short temper right now and he woke me up. One side note: I later apologized to him for yelling but made it clear not to wake me up again. I don't care is the roof is falling in. Leave me alone already.

So that was my crappy week. I am glad it is Friday. I need to be away from work. I need my cat to keep her dinner down but mostly I need to sleep.


Blogger AirmanMom said...

oh julie...I am sorry! My sailor husband reminds me there are days that life is simply like a sh%# sandwich; some days we have more bread, some days we have more... how about if I drop a loaf of bread by your house?
Hang in there, I do understand!


February 6, 2009 at 4:17 PM  

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