Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh, What A Wonderful Day! Part 1

I had the fortunate privilege to be Maid of Honor at my best friend N's wedding this past Saturday. Since she is now married I am going to call her Mrs. P and her husband Mr. P. I don't know if I can describe how special and beautiful this day was, but I will certainly try.

It all started on Friday when I arrived at Mr. & Mrs P's house. Once there I met some of Mr. P's relatives which included two of his brothers, Colorado and Texas as well as Mrs Colorado, Mrs. Texas and one lovely little baby I will call Sweet Pea. And I know there was another brother and his wife there but I think I only met them briefly. What can I say, there was a houseful so I hope I am not missing anyone. Also there were Mrs. P's sons MSFAM D & MSFAM A

(MSFAM=My sons from another mother).

As well as MSFAM A's wife Lovely J and their beautiful children Big K, Medium K & Little K. I also was privileged to meet my new "boyfriend" Cool M. He is a long time friend of Mr. P's and is an absolute gem of a person, but more on that later.

So on Friday we feasted on ribs, rice and green beans then lit a fire in the backyard and managed to kill off a whole bag of marshmallows. The next morning (wedding day) I came back and the kitchen was alive with breakfast cooking. Mrs. Colorado, Mrs. Texas, Mrs P & me participated in a whirlwind of eggs, bacon & hash browns. We also traded secrets for cooking hash browns. I found I was not the only person who has a hash brown problem. While the cooking was progressing the men where in the garage doing "man things" and building a box to send a giant T-Rex head back to Texas. (Don't ask all I can say is it has something to do with paintball.)

After breakfast we all sort of went our separate ways to get ready. Mrs P went to get her face and hair done. I went to my hotel to get ready and OMG Texas and the Mrs. commenced working on the wedding feast which included at least six crockpots of meat, huge cartons of mashed potatoes and I don't know how much corn. These two should get an award for their ginormous effort that day. Of course everybody else pitched in and helped but in the end they kicked us all out of the kitchen and pulled off the whole affair. The only small setback was the crockpots kept blowing the circuit breakers so they had to be moved to different parts of the house. I learned meat cooked in the bedroom is just as good as meat cooked in the kitchen.

Soon the time for wedding was upon us and as the guests started to arrive it was so wonderful to see Mrs P's parents and other relatives and friends. Next we went for a small rehearsal. The wedding was in a small park next to the P's house and it was the perfect setting. Finally after everyone had arrived and was in place the wedding began. The wedding party included the bride and the groom, me and C the groom's best friend and best man, Mrs P's two nephews so dapper in their tuxes, Big K and medium K dressed in pink and blue and the two MSFAM escorting their mother down the aisle.

The ceremony was so moving and inspiring. We faced the guests and as I sneaked a few looks at the friends and family my heart took a picture. But the best part was watching these two people take their vows and watching the love light in their eyes and the eyes of the people standing with them. Ohh, I can't wait to see the video!!! Also just let me say that the Pastor was the best! He was funny, personable and so sweet. We all loved him! He made the ceremony so personal and special.

So once the license was signed we were finally off to the reception. I rode with the Bride and Groom so I wasn't sure exactly how to get into the hall for the reception and I was supposed to walk in before them and announce their arrival. Well being the goober that I am I tried to open an exit thinking it was the way to go and guess what? I tripped an alarm on the door. #@&*#*%*@ crap!!!! Oh well what can I say?

Since this is getting really long I am going to stop now and post some pics that I have. Unfortunately since I was either taking pictures or in pictures I did not get alot of the good shots, but I hope to acquire them soon. So when I get them I will post part 2. It is worth the wait. Trust me.

I took so many pictures so I just picked out a choice few. There will be more in part 2 and there might have to be part 3...

This is MSFAM D and and medium K

This is MSFAM A and Little K. Notice a theme here?

Ahh. This is Sweet Pea

This is Cool M. My most awesome new "boyfriend".

And I give you the Bride!

The Bride, the Groom and some of her family.

The Paparazzi

The Bride, Groom, Me and the Best Man. I think this was a pause between pictures. You know those paparazzi, they are everywhere.

Maid of Honor signing the license.

Best Man signing too.

And the happy couple signing their lives away! Just kidding.

I am going to end with this for now. It speaks for it's self.


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