Thursday, March 26, 2009

Band of Sisters

I follow many milspouse blogs out there and I found this story inspiring and interesting. I was watching the news last night and I happened to see a story about the American Widow Project.

Widows Taryn Davis and Nicole Hart whose husbands were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan are traveling around the country in a RV to military towns to offer love and support to what they call an "ever-growing band of sisters."

Davis and Hart are traveling in a black RV custom-painted with the names of more than 4,000 of the fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan, including their husbands, Cpl. Michael Davis of San Marcos, Texas, and Sgt. David Hart of Lake View Terrace, Calif.

They believe if they can lessen the pain of just one widow then they will be accomplishing their mission of supporting other widows and widowers. You can read the full story and watch the news video here.

I also went to the website American Widow Project and it included several interesting areas such as "their belongings" where the widows can take everything from their husbands t-shirts to dog tags and turn them into mementos and keepsakes. They can also share their own stories and their are many tips and support offered to help other widows cope. There is even a 75 minute DVD which tells the story of 6 widows and offers hope and advice. It can be requested free of charge by any widow or widower. I can't imagine what it is like to loose your husband to war but once again I am proud to live in a country that contains so many people that even in their own pain and personal loss stand up for other Americans.

Please if you know a widow or widower pass this along.

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