Monday, March 23, 2009

Military Monday

I have decided to start a new weekly addition to my blog. Military Monday. I hope to highlight some event each week on Monday.

But I am going to start this with the focus on my son, LCpl Honda. You see he is in an intense month-long training away from his base. He called me this weekend and I'm sure some of you know that he is supposed to deploy on a ship in Sept and sail around the ocean for a few months.

Side note: This changes on a weekly basis.

So now he is pretty sure the deployment will involve either Iraq of Afghanistan. This does not surprise me. The caveat is he confided in me that he is scared. I am sure this is normal but it is hard when your 29 year son tells you he is afraid. I just continue to be strong and tell him to buck up buddy! He reads this blog sometimes so maybe some of you can pray for him and think about him.

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