Tuesday, March 17, 2009

May I Have This Dance?

When I married my husband thirty years ago he would not dance with me. It wasn't because he did not like dancing. It was because when he was a baby he contracted polio and it left him with a leg that he could not walk on until a series of surgeries made it possible for him to walk, but with a limp. So he could physically could dance but not exactly the way everyone else dances.

I knew that he was embarrassed to dance in front of people for fear they would make fun of him. As a child he had endured kids making fun of him for the way he walked so he was not about to set himself up for that torture again.

So when I got married I was resolved to the fact that it would be a danceless marriage. For some I am sure that is not really a big deal but I LOVE to dance. I dance by myself. I danced with my children when they were little. I have been dancing with my granddaughter, Butterfly since she was a baby. I danced with my grandson for the first time this past weekend. I danced with my youngest son Hippie Guy at his wedding. Whenever I am feeling down, I put on music and dance. My husband plays guitar and harmonica and I dance. I love watching 'Dancing with the Stars'. I have dreamed of taking ballroom dancing lessons. In high school I had a PE class that was just disco dancing. Did I say it enough? I just love to dance.

So a few weeks ago we were listening to some music and of course I was dancing. One of our favorite songs came on and he came over and took my hand and started dancing with me! We danced for a long time with him teaching me a dance his mother had taught him as a child and me trying to teach him to waltz. We have been dancing almost every weekend now. All by ourselves in our new house.

So today on my anniversary I will probably get the usual bouquet of flowers and a card. Corvette is pretty predictable with the gifts and I don't expect our 30th anniversary to be any different. But you see it already is. He already gave me the best gift ever. He danced with me.

We didn't dance for 30 years but I think we just might for the next 30.

Yes honey, you may have this dance...


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