Monday, April 13, 2009

Military Monday

Well, I guess the story of the US Navy Seals rescuing Capt. Richard Phillips from the Somalian pirates is the story of the day. I had no doubt that our military would be involved in this incident eventually. I am very happy for Capt Phillips, his family and fellow crew members. Read the full story here.

I have to wonder what will happen from here on in. These pirates can not be allowed to keep terrorizing the waters. I would hope that we can work with other counties to squash this problem before it gets worse. Now I realize that the Navy alone can not possibly police the whole area and it is not really it's job but something needs to be done.

I also heard an audio of one of the crew members this morning. He was very angry and loudly wondering why something was not done earlier on. Again I do not know the details about how these matters are handled but it would seem that since we are one of the most powerful countries in the world it should not take a whole lot to rescue someone from a bunch of thugs one of which is only 16 years old. Just my opinion.

I also want to give kudos to President Obama for giving the green light on this mission and letting the Navy handle it. Lastly, Congratulations to the Navy and the Seals on a mission well done.

On another note. This has nothing to do with military but I was listening to the radio on the way to work and Andy Rooney was on a morning talk show. I don't really care much for him. I see him on the Sunday Morning Show only because I like the show as a whole. They usually have interesting stories and Mr. Rooney just happens to be on at the end. Anyway he was talking about people getting laid off and he said, "I am working. All my friends are working. Just who are these 5 million people that are unemployed?" He followed that by laughing.

Uhh! I almost had to pull over. Now I realize that Mr. Rooney is probably pretty out of touch with everyday working-class people but give me a break! I feel lucky to still be employed at this time but I find this very offensive because I have family members that have been laid off as well as friends. This is not a laughing matter or something to joke about.

Next Sunday do believe I will be changing the channel before Mr. Rooney appears. If not that, the mute button will be used.

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